Tips On Choosing your Diamond Wedding Bands



Diamond Wedding Bands

The most elegant representation and commitment of your love have always been exchanging the diamond wedding band with your betrothed one. It symbolises one of the most special unions in the world. Be it a few carats Diamond or a delicate yellow ring, the thought of buying each unique piece of jewelry involves the same variable.

Here are some tips to be considered when choosing your diamond wedding bands:

1) For beginners, gauge your personal success in buying good quality diamond wedding bands by taking advices from an expert. There are stores where everybody can vouch for. A reference from a colleague who has bought something reasonably priced. Also there are many Jewellery Online with good reviews that can help the search.


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2) For wider choices of diamond wedding bands, go for jewellery stores that are well-reputed for their designs. Start early in your search and have return policies with some forms of guarantee. At times, the size might not fit after receiving the wedding band ordered, so ensure that re-sizing can be done at the shop that you purchased from. There are trademarks on each piece of jewelry that can notify the manufacturers association and provide a quality mark.




3) Wedding rings are carefully crafted, styled beautifully and with stones set to fit on the rings in an almost immaculate way. Thus it is very important to choose a perfect piece of jewellery that fit on your finger for the rest of your life. Make sure the decision you take now proves fruitful for a long period. So decide carefully when choosing your wedding bands.




4) Be selective because of the budget you set. The amount of maintenance you can afford and the kind of lifestyle you have will hugely impact both the material and value of you and your partner’s rings. It is always better to buy wedding bands together with your engagement rings as a package because you would want your wedding rings to complement the engagement rings even though the wedding may occur at a later date.




5) There are intricate and appealing designs available for standalone wedding bands. However, there are some suggestions for band and ring designs can go well together for the Bride-to-be and the groom. Eg

  • A Pave band that has an eternity diamond ring and goes well with a simple gem-free band.
  • A three stones ring should go well with a band featuring similarly cut gemstones.
  • For colored stones find a band that has a good mix of plain and colorful design.
  • As for curvy or unusual designs of rings, find a band that can fit those curves.




6) If you are going for a very simple wedding ring then find a nice colourful band. If your ring is the talk of the town and seems to attract attention all the time, you do not have to force another one on it just for the sake of tradition.
Choosing any good diamond wedding bands or rings become more instinctive when you first think up a design and as you venture out into the market, you will come across some rarities and see them being cut and adorned. Be realistic about the choices you are making on your preference and range.

You can also add your flavor to the metals by mixing them up a bit for new colours as you come across as purple gold ring in the market. If nothing comes to mind, there is always going to be thousands of well-reputed and exciting designs to choose from in the stores.

Now that you might already have a clue as to what choices you have but for the novice to the stores, you may go for either plain gold jewelry or diamond rings. Each has its specific styles, quality checks and their pricing rates for the design in addition to the market value of gold and diamond.



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  1. Hi Sadie,
    Great post! I never even realized that so much thought and planning could go into choosing a ring…

    When I got married, I bought my own ring off of Amazon! This article speaks of romance and of lifelong love and commitment…

    I can really feel your passion for weddings come through in all your writing. And it is contagious! Even for a person like me who doesn’t really believe in all this so much right now.

    If I find myself in the future entertaining ideas of marriage again, this will definitely be a place I refer back to!

    All the best from

    • Thanks Ella for visiting my site.
      Wedding is something everyone gets excited about. So much happiness and memories to recall back even years later.
      If we can stay focus on why we get married in the first place, then many issues on unhappy marriage would be able to resolve.
      Regards Sadie

  2. Hey Sadie,

    Your site really offers great information. I’m planning to buy a ring for my wife just as a gift.
    I’m glad I got to read your article for the helpful tips. Especially about being able to re-size the ring at the jewelry store. I have no idea you can do that.

    Thank you for the great info and tips.

  3. Hi Jaime,
    Glad you like my site.
    Yes, if the ring size is not right you can resize at the Jewelry shop that you buy.
    However, it is advisable to check the right size when you make your order because altering the size may leave a mark on the ring once it gets older.
    Regards Sadie.

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