Best Bridal Makeup

Tips and Tricks on Best Bridal Makeup

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Tips and Tricks on Best Bridal Makeup
Tips and Tricks on Best Bridal Makeup

All Brides-to-be want to look gorgeous on their Wedding day. While they may know some basic fundamentals of a great makeup, Bridal Makeup is different from the ordinary makeup. Most Professional make-up artists are trained to do a good job, but they need to collaborate with you on the style that looks best with your features.The Bridal makeup must match the hairstyle and Wedding gown as a whole. So it is essential to plan and check on best bridal makeup on your wedding day. You can do so by researching on some of the best Bridal makeup Online or looking up for references on Wedding Magazines

Here, I will give you some tips and tricks on best bridal makeup. You may also want to make some researches Online or look up for references on Wedding Magazines.


Proper Skincare

Our skin needs its proper nourishment to achieve that healthy and glowed-looking tone. Stress can cause impurities on your skin. Thus, make sure you do have enough rest and right food days before your wedding. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water every day.

Daily maintenance on your face by regular cleansing and facial massages and mask to keep acne or pimples away. Have some facial treatments to firm your complexion and radiate the skin. But do not arrange one too close to the wedding date. You do not want to show the rare redness and swollen effect from the treatment on your wedding day. Just keeping it fresh and clean.


Bridal Trial Makeup

Bridal Trial Makeup
Bridal Trial Makeup

For the trial makeup, start a lighter makeup first and add on to a stronger color so that you’ll be able to choose the one you like. Do a trial makeup a month before the wedding. Make sure to use the same makeup products brand for your wedding. Take some photo shots to see the result. It is best if you can try on the wedding gown to see the final finish. Otherwise, wear something light or white in color.

Have the trial make up done in the natural daylight to see if the skin and color tone match. Also, you’ll be able to check if the makeup is too heavy or too light. Choose a high bar stool for your makeup artist to work on your face. The right standing position and freedom to move about, allows her to work best on Bridal Makeup.

To achieve that Best Bridal Makeup, it needs to be bolder in color, a little shimmer and well-blended with the body skin tone. It must not be overdone though to look so cakey.

The bridal makeup products should endure the outdoor heat and must be waterproof to withstand some tears, kissings, and activities like dancing and outdoor photo shots.



Your Bridal makeup kit should consist of

a) Moisturizer

b)Lipstick set, gloss base, lip liner, lip balm and lipstick

c) Eye Primers, eye shadow, eye liner, pencil,

d) Waterproof Mascara and False Eye Lashes set

e) Face Primers

f) Foundation cream and fine translucent powder

g) Highlighter,

h) Eye Lip Concealer and Face Concealers

i) Blushes

The Wedding Facial Make-up

make-up-1155013_640Cleanse and moisturize the face first. If you have oily and sensitive skin, use the oil free moisturizer. Moisturizer must include SPF30 or above to protect the skin from Sunlight.

Use the concealer to cover up any blemish or acne prone skin. The face Primer will act as a protective base and prolong the makeup on your face. There are a huge variety of face Primers on the market. So make sure to use the right one for your skin type and allow it to dry first.

All foundations come with many coloring tones from fair, medium to deep color. Use the right color tone foundation close to your skin type. Avoid using too greasy or oily foundation to the face.

Highlighter can bring out the brightness but do not overdo it as it will have a reflective effect on the Photo images. Brush in the area of the chin bone, the cheekbones, temple, brow bones and bridge of the nose to show the contour of the features. Blend the color well on your face so that it form a clean and smooth finishing. 

Give some reddish glow on both of your high cheeks by applying a natural darker pink tone blush color to create the deeper shade. Finally, brush with fine translucent powder as any uneven patches or lines will be shown in the wedding photographs.

Allow about an hour for the Bridal makeup. It normally takes about 45 minutes for an expert to do the Bridal makeup.

The Wedding Eyes make-up

The Eyes are the most important features of the face. It must be brightened with your favorite eye shadow to achieve that glamorousmakeup-set-242806_640 look. A perfect eye makeup should go with a combination of both the matte and shimmery finishes.

Apply eye primer over the entire lid to prevent crease and help the eye shadow last longer. Next, the darker eyeshadow on the outside of the eyes, gradually lightening as you work to the inner corners of both eyes.

Use the Mac Pro long wear concealer NC20 as the base color to brighten the eyes. Blending the color naturally and not to over shade the eyes with dense color. Follow by either eyeliner or eye pencil on the eyelid.

Curl your Lashes with a coat of waterproof mascara before placing the eyelashes. Remember to use the comfortable and natural soft eyelashes.
The Eyebrows
Have your eyebrows reshape a week before the wedding. Draw the eyebrows with a black or brown pencil that is a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrow color. They must form the curve of the eyes, and drawn slightly longer than the eyes.

The Lipstick touch up

IMG_3989Apply first the lip balm on your lip to avoid dry and flaky. Then use the lip liner to draw the clean outline shape. The color must be similar to the color of your lipstick.  Lipstick color has to be darker to appear more prominent in the photo shots. After applying the coating, blot your lips with a tissue before reapplying another layer. This is to give a more lasting effect. You may then lighter it with a lighter gloss to keep it from fading after some hours. Of course, you can always touch it up again in between during the Wedding day.


Always one of the bridesmaid to carry a bridal makeup kit along with her. Remember to bring some oil blotting sheet, cotton balls, which you need before applying powder again into the face.

These are pretty important when getting ready for some good Wedding Photography Shots in between the wedding ceremony. You don’t want to see lipstick, food or oily and sweaty stain on your face during the photography section.


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  1. These are great tips for a perfect bridal makeup, Sadie!

    Wedding day is absolutely one of the most important days in girls’ lives. Brides-to-be want their makeup to be flawless on that day.
    I am sure your website will be very helpful for any brides-to-be wanting to look gorgeous.

    You’ve given every single detail about the whole bridal makeup process.
    If they do apply your tips, then their Wedding day will be an unforgettable one for sure…

    From Halide

    • Thanks Halide for visiting my site and commented.
      Every bride wants to look great on her wedding. So it is best to know the right step to that flawless makeup on her face that particular day.
      Regards Sadie

  2. Hello Sadie,

    Great site!
    The good News is that I have been happily married for almost 13 years. Though I’m not needing these tips, I do know a lot of young folks out there are looking for these types of tips. I would certainly recommend them to your site.
    My brother-in-law is a wedding photographer and he talks me about all the wedding events he had all the time. Keep sharing your wonderful tips and I think they are great!!

    I hope you have great success!!!
    Best Wishes

    • Thanks Shawn for your kind comments. Much Appreciated on your recommendation.
      I am too happy to offer your friends or visitors any things they need to know for their wedding.
      Regards Sadie.

  3. Hi Sadie,

    Could you give me some good advice on some best products for lip and face which are long lasting? Also, what brands that I should trust.


    Diem N

    • Hi Diem,
      There are many good makeup products in the market. Depending on the price ranges you are looking.
      The reasonable price range can be good but test it first. Take a look at this site which recommend 12 of the best long-lasting makeup products.
      Personally, I am using Artistry from many years. You may take a look at its website to see all the makeup list.
      I would recommend you to join the member if you are interested in buying the products.

      Another great product is SKII, which is great at protecting your skin tone.
      However, they are quite expensive but look up for their promotion period.

  4. Hi, Sadie!
    Thanks for this beautiful post! The wedding day is indeed a very special day, and every bride wants to look the best on their big day. But somehow, the costs can be rather high to hire a Professional Bridal Makeup, so your tips are helpful.
    Like you, I also use Artistry products, and I am very satisfied with the product.
    Thanks for sharing this, Sadie!
    All the best,

    • Thanks Vivian for visiting my site.

      Bridal Make-up is quite different from the daily make-up. Any flaws and spots must be concealed; stronger color to show more prominent features It’s for better photographic effect. Besides, all brides want to look beautiful and outstanding during her special day.

      Regards Sadie.

  5. Hi Sadie,

    Thanks for an informative post about bridal make-up. I am going to be married next year hopefully and quite frankly, never thought about make-up or hair. It’s going to be the best day of my life and I want to look good so reading this post gave me some idea of how to address this pleasant issue.
    You’re right all brides want to look beautiful and outstanding during their special day.

    Thanks for the piece of information.


    • Thanks, ToveL.

      I am glad my article can help you with your coming wedding.
      You can do your Bridal Make-up with the follow-up step by step video.
      There are only a few important differences between your routine make-up and Bridal make-up as you read in the article.
      Also, be careful not to overdo on it as you also want to look naturally that day.
      I will update you on further relevant article in the coming month.
      Thanks and stay connected,
      Sadie Chan.

  6. Hello,
    I actually did a makeup artist course in London a couple of years ago and part of the course was bridal makeup (this was not my real interest as my main makeup interest was photographic makeup). Apart from finding out the dress, a good MUA will also need to know the color theme for the wedding (eg bridesmaid dresses and flower colors) this is because if you are having pink flowers everywhere you really do not want peach themed makeup.

    Another thing to check is that if you are having flash photography then be careful with using some foundations with spf as if they contain titanium dioxide you may get flashbacks. The same is true with using mineral foundations as they contain higher levels of mica or silica. HiDef powders can also be a culprit as people think these are for standard photos but really they are designed for hi def film and stills. You also need a good makeup artist who knows how to use them.

    Also if your MUA does your makeup before your wedding. Make sure they give you a tube of the lipstick they used (they can just give you a sample pot) you can then slip this into your bag and top up during the day as your lipstick will wear off.

    Hope this will be of some help
    From Evie

    • Dear Evie,
      Thanks so much for writing about your experiences on the bridal makeup as regards to the photographic section.
      Indeed, the color theme of the surrounding and bridal makeup blending is also very important.
      For Good Photographic effect on faces, Apply concealer on the area that requires correction.
      Any SPF from the foundation would appear white flashback effect from the flash camera.
      Blotting papers will keep oil and sweat shine-free.
      Thanks again for sharing with me your thought,

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