Searching for the Right Wedding Photographer and His Price For Your Wedding

The right wedding photographer prices
The right Wedding Photographer and his Price

[su_heading size=”20″]Searching For The Right Wedding Photographer And His Price For Your Wedding[/su_heading]

Before venturing further, the wedding couple needs to find up about the right wedding photographer and his price for their wedding. They have to work up a budget on how much they are putting aside for the wedding photographer’s fee.

Wedding photos are meant to bring back memorable moments, taken during that special once-in-a-lifetime event.  The photographer renders his services to record every detail of your wedding. So that, years later, you will be able to relive the experiences with your husband or relate the story to your grandchildren.


The standard wedding photography includes:

The Indoor Photography at Church such as walking down the aisle, gazing, hugging and kissing each other. Home taking shots of great moments with both the parents, family members and friends. Hotel or Private Venue with shots on bridesmaids, best friends, and all guests.

The Outdoor Photography, which is location shots taken in the home garden backyard, beach or some places of attraction. These are also the reception area to entertain family relatives and friends.

Location Shots at Oversea places like Paris, Hawaii Islands, and Bali. Unless you are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for the service of the photographer, it is better to avoid this service.

Studio shots which are taken indoor in the Studio of the photographer or shop. Studio photography is usually more formal one with studio lighting setting to create that right exposure and mood.


Right wedding photographer
The right photographer for your wedding

Where do you search for the Right Wedding Photographer?

You can search Google online, social media and wedding magazines. There are plenty of good and reputable Wedding Photographers. Choose one reputable one, depending on what amounts you are willing to pay.

Wedding Photography Services do offer different types of Packages:

a) The solo photographer who undertake the project by himself to cover the whole event;

b) Several photographers with assistants handling the job – The package includes a completed set of studio and outdoor photography sections.

Wedding photos are then edited, going through Photoshop for color corrections and delivered on Photo Albums and digital prints. The standard sizes are in the form of 4X5, 4X6, 8X6 and so on.

A Pre-wedding arrangement whereby the assigned photographer meets up with you. There will be a discussion to see your preferences and hence built up a relationship with you. It is important to let the photographer knows earlier what you want: whether the images is in full resolution, in color, (black and white or Vintage wash effects); the kinds of setting that you want to have (formal or informal shots).


How much are you willing to pay for your Wedding Photographer Prices?

I would estimate a 10 to 20% of their total budget for the photography. 

Charges can range from the region of Two Thousand to Tens of Thousand of dollars for the services. However if you have some family members or friends who are in the field of photography, they might be able to do the job for you at a cheaper rate.

The higher end of Professional Wedding Photographer can run into the amount of $5000 to $10,000. These are the top and well-established wedding photographers who have built up their Brand. You’ll receive superior quality photo effects like those you come across in Bridal magazines or Pinterest.

For some, it’s a 2 to 3 days destination location shots and events. Most some cases, these do not cover travel expenses. So if you are willing to pay a high price, you can be ensured of getting excellent works and services from this exclusive package. Most often included in the package, a pre-wedding section, completed with Completed Wedding Photo Albums, giving online gallery for guests to view and made their orders.

Big cities are always more expensive, and you may be expected to pay up to more than $4000. It is also advisable to have a co-photographer to help up. Different angles and positioning area of photography shots can produce different effects. Therefore, it is best to have another photographer helping up with the work.

For a solo photographer charging in the region of $2000 or below, working on a full 8 to 10 hours, coverage can be overwhelming. Wedding shots are not easy to handle as most people thought, as they are fast-paced.

Photographers need to know the technical aspects as well as the artistic prowess. To be able to capture the right moment without having to interrupt the Wedding Ceremony.  Adjusting its lighting exposure correctly under different weather conditions.


right photographer


If you are on the tight wedding budget, make sure you negotiate the price around $1000. Most wedding photographers will agree to give some kinds discount if it does not fall on the weekend or if they are living within the distance from your location. But make sure you see the portfolio and images of his previous wedding shots. You don’t want to complement low fee with poor qualities.

I’ve known some friends who offer wedding photographer prices for free or pay a small sum of money for their services. Referral photographers by friends also offer a better deal.


Contracts Agreement Policy And Right.

Always check the contract before making the confirmation.

Guidelines must be drawn to prevent future conflicts of agreements.

Whether Customers have the right to keep all the Photographs or only a small number of chosen ones.

What are the rights of the Photographers?

The standard quality and requirements set of the final color photo prints.

The time schedules and time additional fee should there be an extension of time.

Cancellation Policy – What are the conditions stated should there be a cancellation?.

Is there a fee being charged for it or any returns of the deposit money?



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  1. Great informative article, very detailed. I now know the price ranges of the Wedding photographer in the market and can use it as a guide. Thank You.

  2. Wow, Sadie,

    I didn’t know that hiring wedding photographer costs that much! I knew that weddings aren’t cheap but holy cow!
    I really like how informative your post is. I bet it helps a lot of people planning their weddings.
    I could say the same about your whole site. You have put some serious effort into your work, and that’s great.

    Keep up the good work!
    From Gabriel

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Thanks for visiting my site.
      Yes, most people didn’t know that Wedding celebration is going to cost a fortune.
      Just to hire a professional wedding photographer can cost a couple of thousands dollar.
      So Planning the wedding is very important for anyone getting married.
      Regards Sadie.

  3. Hi Sadie,

    Wow, hiring a professional wedding photographer is so costly! If it was me, I would try to find a suitable photographer by looking at his portfolio and also negotiate for a good price.

    Planning for a wedding can be really stressful, so all these tips and information that you’re sharing will come in useful.

    Thanks, Yvonne

    • Hello, Yvonne. How are you?
      Thanks for dropping by my site again. Yes, Professional Wedding Photographer charges a fee of few thousands and above for an assignment.
      The reasons being, in this business, time and date are fixed mostly on a Weekend or Holiday.
      Job assignments are scarce. Also the Skill and experience of the Photographer are important in determining the set of final result.

      Regards, Sadie

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