Planning And Choosing The Best Wedding Gown

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[su_heading size=”24″]Tips On Planning And Choosing the Best Wedding Gown [/su_heading]

For the bride-to-be, the most special day of her life would be her wedding day and on this auspicious day, everyone would expect to see the bride in her Best Looking Wedding Gown. Planning and choosing for the best wedding gown can be both exciting and daunting for any brides.

It is different from looking for an ordinary working dress as it is meant to wear once in a lifetime. So it is not an easy task and can be the most lone process for some brides.

Here are some bridal tips on planning and choosing the best wedding gown. It will help you avoid any bridal boutique gaucherie, embarrassments or disappointments along the way, thus making the shopping of the marriage dress as fun and easy as possible.


Planning and Choosing the Best Wedding Gown


[su_heading size=”24″]Planning And Research For the Wedding Gown[/su_heading]

  • Decide what kind of wedding gown to choose for your wedding day. Different styles of gowns have different meaning and mood setting.
  • It’s location and time setting of the year – formal ballroom wedding vs. the beach wedding; summer wedding vs. winter wedding; grand restaurant dinner for hundred of guests vs. simple outdoor wedding ceremony, etc
  • Personal style – consider all your choices, styles and the shapes of the bridal gown, length of the dress, its waist, sleeves, necklines are some of the factors to be considering when planning and choosing the best wedding gown.
  • Spend some days or weeks by looking at the wedding magazines and different blogs related to the latest wedding dresses before jeopardizing to the bridal gown shops. Make a list or keep images that you like by creating a scrapbook and pasting the desired images.
  • Be naturalisticyou may want to cut down your weight or buff up for the wedding day, but you are not going to grow 6 inches or lose10 kilo. Be realistic on the way you want to look. Just remember that the best wedding gown that looks fantastic on others may not look best on you. So always try on and seek opinions when looking for the best wedding dress.
  • Setting out a budgetlook up the average cost of a wedding dress from the bridal boutique. There are also other bridal accessories, Jewellery, shoes, the bouquet of flowers, bridesmaid gowns, to be considered. You may find that you will have to rush to the bank for more money than original planned and needed. So plan and choose the best wedding gown base on what you can afford. Agree on the budget amount once with your husband-to-be and stick to it.
  • Give enough time to the preparation – It is always better to look for the best wedding gown sooner rather than later. Trying on a designer piece will provide you an idea of what you like and what will suit you best. So start searching the right one at least a year before your wedding as it can take up to 6 months for the selection of the dress that clicks on your mind, “it is the one I want”.
  • Do not buy on impulse – as style trend might changes each season or you can find a better one with lower price elsewhere. Check out each and every shop on options for the bridal gown, online bridal shopping, bridal gown road shows, bridal boutiques, rental and second-hand dress.




[su_heading size=”24″]Heading Towards The Bridal Shop [/su_heading]

  • When visiting the bridal shop, set an appointment date, book them in advance. This will give you time to try out on most of your favourite pieces of wedding gown without the hassle of other customers around. Keep in mind Saturday is the busiest day of the week so try to avoid booking on that day.
  • Check their services from feedbacks. Is the bridal consultant professional enough to guide you with the best wedding gown?
  • Go, for the trying on session, with your mother or a few good friends to act as your retinue. However, you should decide which wedding gown you like most and make you feel great.
  • Never have children accompanying you to the bridal shop as they will interrupt your attention.



[su_heading size=”24″]  Trying On The Wedding Gown[/su_heading]

  • It is important for a bride to wear appropriate underwear and bring along the strapless bra when trying out which one is the best wedding gown.
  • Make sure to bring the jewellery accessories that you have decided to wear on the special day to match with your perfect wedding gown. Click Here
  • Wearing the heels will determine the length of the marriage gown, wear on your wedding day.
  • Do not put on heavy makeup to shield the dresses and to give you the opportunities to view what colour shade is more brandishing on the skin tone.
  • Check if the bridal boutique allows you to bring the camera along with you. And with their permission, take snaps so that you can see and compare them if you have not make up your mind about ordering the piece. If you are unable to do so, visualize and note down the numbers of the design.
  • Do not stick on only with the designer labels. Nobody is going to know or ask anyway. Stick to the budget that you have decided. There is always best wedding gown somewhere to fit your budget and liking. Click Here



[su_heading size=”24″] Wedding Gown Alteration[/su_heading]

  • Some alterations may be needed for every bride as the body shape might changes as the final day arrived, so make sure the shop provides such services.
  • Most of the boutiques may offer the alteration in the price of the gown, so in most cases you do not need to pay for the change.
  • However, some extra budget and time frame must be planned should you want to get wedding gown to alter or decide that you want another better piece at the last minute.
  • You may not want to take any chance, so always be prepared and have a backup plan.

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[su_heading size=”24″]General Maintenance of The Wedding Gown[/su_heading]

  • Once you collected your desired and perfect wedding gown, get a new and strong hanger for the wedding dress and store it in a large closet. Folding may cause some creasing.
  • If you are going to own the wedding gown, keep it in a big box. Never place it in the attic or basement because of the heat or humidity.
  • Also, it is better not to put into plastic covering as it will discolour the fabric in a long term.
  • Has it dry clean and air once in a while to avoid mould growth.

Most significantly, try to make the once in a lifetime experience unique and enjoyable one. If you have any questions, please ask or comment below. Thank you.

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