How To Keep A Happy And Lasting Marriage

Happy and Lasting Marriage


[su_heading size=”28″ margin=”30″] How Do You Keep A Happy And Lasting Marriage?[/su_heading]

So how do you keep a happy and lasting marriage?

Marriage is a true commitment that has to withstand all kinds of challenges in life. There are married couples who have gone through a lifetime, enjoying great moments together. However, many have ended up in divorced or separated for some reasons.

The most ultimate of marriage has to be living with your loved one and building up a happy and lasting marriage. After all human being are social creatures who live together to form a community. Therefore, knowing how to keep a happy and lasting marriage is the first thing you want to bear in mind before making a vow and planning for the special day of your life – The Wedding.

Marriage is not about having a married certificate or wearing wedding bands. A Marriage Certificate is a legal contract that reminds us of our choice to cherish our union. It reminds ones to stay together regardless of all obstacles they may encounter together.

While one marries a partner because of love and many attractions he or she offers, a marriage couple must also accept and tolerate each other’s weakness such as temper, selfishness, and even laziness. Selfishness must be aborted as you try to meet each other’s needs.

It takes patience, persistence and lots of sacrifice for each other. As the human being, we are no more perfect. One should never try to change your spouse, but instead, guide him, be tolerance and sharing your feelings and thoughts. If he loves you, could end up changing himself for the better.

Always remember there are raining days and sunny days. It takes both partners to work up together to maintain that happy and lasting marriage. And as the family grows to have children, both of you evolve to be more responsible, mature and protective of your family. It is also during this period that marital problems started to set in,  e.g. finance, children’s education and conflict of interest.

We should always try to work up to have that happy and lasting marriage, unless in extreme cases of home violent or criminal cases where divorce seems to be the only solution. We must realise that emptiness and loneliness set in once the partner left them, and in some cases, could face some financial difficulties having to rely on the partner for financial support during the marriage. Besides, it is going to have an effect on the children. We want them to enjoy the life as a completed family.

Finally, everyone goes through the stage that one day we are all going to experience the devastating loss of our loved one. How often we see spouse standing by his partner as sickness and disease set in when they are old and fight to the end. Every obstacle that you encounter will make you stronger along the marriage path.



Planning For a Happy and Lasting Marriage is as important as planning for a marriage

Here are some extra points to take note to maintain that happy and lasting  marriage:

  • Essential Insurance coverings are needed for medical need, accident, housing loan, children education, etc.
  • Financial Planning has to be worked up as it is utmost important for a married couple. Do your budgeting, setting aside some savings for raining days and going for some small investments for future growth.
  • Allow some spare money for a holiday, short one if money is an issue so as to tune up the stress of work and a time to be together. Most people are happy when they go for a holiday.
  • Whenever there is a crush or disagreement, try to cool down and stay away from the scene to ponder on the matter. How many times we see couples screaming or fighting at the height of their quarrel, saying things that shouldn’t be, only to regret later.
  • Be mature and responsible, apology if you make a mistake. Learn to forgive and do not make a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Go for some special training to build up self-confidence and self-esteem if you lack. Alternatively, you can read inspiration books.
  • Be yourself. That was the reason your partner married you. Always looking fresh and beautiful, going outside for fresh air.
  • Take up some hobbies that you and your spouse are passionate about e.g. photography, gardening, home crafts or cooking.
  • Your job has to be one that you like doing because the frustrations you encountered at work might eventually affect your family and loved one.
  • Respect each other’s privacy even though it is best to share daily events and routine works. There are times when one partner would rather not share them.

‘Love is always kind and unconditioned’ just as a mother love to her children;  A husband to the wife. Only that can we achieve a lasting and happy marriage.

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  1. Hi Sadie,

    I’ve been married for almost 7 years now to my wife who’s originally from Malaysia. You’re right that planning for a happy and lasting marriage is as important as planning the wedding itself. I knew that when I brought her back to Canada she would be homesick because most of her family is back in Malaysia. I already discussed with my wife and her parents that I will try my best to bring her back every year to visit.

    In fact, we go back every year for Chinese New Year for a month. It does put a lot of financial stress as it’s pretty expensive flying from Vancouver to Kuala Lumpur but because we already discussed it beforehand, we were able to plan and budget the expense with no issues.

    Had we not discussed it beforehand, I’m sure there would have been a lot of arguments, shouting, and crying whether it be from misunderstandings or lack of planning. There are a lot of other situations where you should plan and communicate with your partner before you get married but I don’t want to blab.
    Great post!

    • Thanks, Andy,
      It is great to know that you and your lovely wife are co-ordinating and planning well in travelling to and fro Vancouver and Kuala Lumpur.
      Money may be an issue but that it can be resolved with saving as you work. What is more important is the Happiness and Joy of seeing family members and celebrating together during the Chines New Year.
      All the best to your happiness and success in life.
      Regards Sadie.

  2. Hi Sadie,

    It’s true to say we are first attracted to the beauty or strong points of our partner. While that is natural, we have to expect that things do change after we get married as it becomes the responsibility of both persons to make the marriage last.

    Marriage is a journey of no return where we have to appreciate the weaknesses of our spouses.

    I like the extra point that you made on how to maintain that happy marriage.

    -Tony Omary

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for visiting my site and making a comment.

      It is indeed true to say, married couples need to realise to have a lasting marriage, they have to be more understanding and tolerance of each other’s weakness.

      Regards Sadie

  3. Hey Sadie!

    It makes me really sad when I read somewhere in an article that almost 50% of marriages in the US ends up with a divorce. We must try to make our Wedding an everlasting one, just as you mentioned in the article here.
    My sister is going to get married soon. I’m gonna show her this website so she can get some great advice here.

    Thank you!


    • Dear Bruce,
      Thanks for visiting my Bridal site and recommending it to your sister.
      Yes, Keeping and maintaining a long lasting relationship is just as important for anyone to keep in mind when planning a Marriage.
      All the best,

  4. Hi Sadie,
    I’ve never been married, but I do have a wonderful life partner here in Switzerland.

    I have the great fortune of having found a man of deep compassion, and we are able to talk about anything!
    I believe it’s of great help if you share many interests and passions……
    The more activities and themes you have in common, the better the communication will be for both parties!
    Something overlooked starts to develop, friendship and companionship…….

    Thank you for your dedication to such themes,
    Sadie, and for this wonderful site!

    • Hello Therese,

      Thanks for dropping by my site. I’m glad you have a great companion with you. As we age, we will need each other more.

      After all, this is what life is about. Nothing more important than having a life partner going through the up and down in life together.

      Regards Sadie

  5. Hi Sadie,

    You’re right. Marriage is not just about wearing a wedding band or saying “I love you”. It is a commitment and a decision to be together through the good and bad times.

    It takes a lot of work to make a marriage work but I’m thankful that my faith in God helps to keep my marriage together.

    Thanks, Yvonne

    • Thanks Yvonne for visiting my site.
      With the high rate of divorce today, one must take a Marriage seriously.
      I know it is not easy but Married Couple must always remember the good time they had together.
      Always see the good points in your spouse and take it as no one is perfect.
      That is the way to make the marriage works and lasts.
      Regards Sadie.

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