Gold And Diamond for Your Wedding Ring

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The perfect combination of Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring is a emblem of a promise to your love one.

Gold rings which comes in form of Yellow, Rose or White, has its own symbolic sign. Yellow means happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture. Rose gold represents passion and romance, while white gold symbolises purity and everlasting love.

Blending the different gold colours and diamond combination will creates great contrast and lustre to the wedding bands. So depending on you and your partner’s liking, a custom make one is available easily.


 Pure Gold in Form of Gold Bar or Coins

Gold [Symbol Au] is a precious metal that comes with a bright, slightly reddish yellow and when mixed with some other alloys to give it its rich shine and color. Because of its highly malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion and fire, it is mostly used in making Jewellery and investment purposes.

Gold comes in a variety of ranges, the most pure being 24 karat gold that is 100% pure gold. However, because of its softness, it is always mixed with various alloys to give it some hardness, ductility, color and properties.


Other ideal karat measures for jewelry are

22k with about 92%
18k that has 75%
14k that has near 56% pure gold.

     Examples of White, Copper and Yellow Alloys

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Yellow gold  can give its appealing warmth and hue, by combining it with metal alloys such as copper, give the gold its red hue while silver that give it a green hue.


White Gold  is mixed with white alloys and plated with rhodium making it into White Gold. It is currently one of the most lucrative buys when it comes to wedding rings. The same gold when plated with black rhodium gives off a rich black appearance. However noted that white gold alloys can be made with palladium or nickel. Nickel is toxic, but is controlled by legislation in some parts of the world.


Rose gold  another popular color, is created by mixing it with a copper alloy and silver and has a pink warm glow to it. Gold can also be mixed with sterling silver, a confection that is called Vermeil. You can also have your choice of both the combination of Rose and White gold in your Wedding rings.


Purple gold As lot of people would customize their jewelry by adding different alloys to pure gold and creating raging new colors as you may have came across as purple gold. It is a good idea as long as you are prepared to understand the price associated with the craftsmanship and individual metals that are to be used.

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         Different shapes of Diamond


Diamond is known as one of the hardest material with the ability to disperse white light into spectral colors. Its hardness and shines contribute to its popularity as the preference choice of gem, used in most jewelry setting. Today we treasure it as one of the most valuable gemstones on earth because of its decreasing supply. This is why it is used in most engagement and wedding rings as a symbolic item, suitable to wear daily without been getting damaged easily.


Diamond is evaluated on the basis of 4C’s

that includes carat, color, clarity and cut.




The carat weight measures the weight of a diamond, one carat being equals 0.2 gram.

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A diamond’s color is measured by its saturation,

perfect white being 0%

full color saturation measure at 100%.

Diamonds graded D-F are colorless,

those graded G-J are near colorless,

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the ones slightly tinted are K-M,

very light yellow are graded N-R

light yellow diamond are graded S-Z.

Diamonds typically have brown, gray or yellow traces

and can be found even with pink color.




                Diamond Wedding Rings



Diamond clarity is the major of natural inclusions in it that could be used to determine its clarity grade:

  • For flawless diamonds the grade is FL IF
  • the ones with extremely minimal inclusions are graded as VVS1 and VVS2
  • for very slight inclusions VS1 and VS2
  • for slight inclusions SI1 and SI2
  • for inclusions that are visual I1, I2 and I3
  • Paragon is a large, flawless diamond


The cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond giving it a finishing qualities, polish and shape of a perfect diamond. The cut of your diamond give the stones its ideal brilliance on top. For that you need an experience jeweler that can complement your needs for design with a perfect cut.


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As such there are no compulsions as to what cut goes better with what color although there are a few recommendations. The shape of diamonds can be Round, Princess, Pear, Cushion, Heart, Asscher, Oval, Emerald, Marquise and Radiant.

Both gold and diamond rings are naturally occurring elements that need to be taken care off. Diamond attract grease, so to keep the shine bright cleanse it with appropriate jewelry cleaners and gold has a way of attracting wear and tear just as well, so choose your occasions for wearing them if it comes with an expensive item.





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  1. Hi Sadie,

    I find your article very informative and useful!

    Reading your article allows me to know more about the different quality
    and grade of Diamond so that I find the right one.

    Thanks for the tips!

    All the best, Kasey.

  2. Hi Sadie,
    Is 14 Carats is good for lasting, and does it fade?
    You have a very good information about gold and diamond. But can you tell me how do I know which one is real golds or real diamonds.

    Diem N

    • Hello Diem,
      Thanks for visiting my site.

      With regards to your question on 14 Carats Gold, it contains only about 58.5% of pure gold. Some of this 14K gold pieces are plated to give a deeper gold color and over time it will fade off slightly.

      All gold jewelry comes with its stamping mark, e.g., 14K, 18K, 21K or 22K. Make sure you have the receipt for verification. The Lab is also able to test for you at a charge.

      As for real diamond, you can use a special indicator piece with a pointer to check if it is authentic. It will light up and beep if it is a real diamond.

      A Real diamond is lighter than a C.Z stone of the same size.

      If the diamond is 0.50 carat and above, you may want to have the GIA certificate of proof. Otherwise, get the reputable diamond appraiser to test the diamond for you.

      Hope this help,
      Sadie Chan.

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