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Hello Friends,

Welcome to my About Page of www Bridaltip.com

First, I would like to congratulate you and your partner for making the journey this far. I sincerely hope you find the article inside helpful in the preparations for your forthcoming wedding.

My name is Sadie Chan, age 61 years old and currently retired. I have a fruitful life, am happily married for more than two decades with a set of beautiful grown-up twin and an elder daughter.

Coming from a poor and large family of nine members, all packed in a small rented room on the riverbank of the Singapore River, life was hard as a young girl. Although my parents were poor, they were excellent role models of hard working, down to earth and honest people. My father often stayed out late at the workplace, to earn that money badly needed for the family. My mother would frugally try to save that extra money, just in case anyone needed to see a doctor.

After completing high school, I joined the Nursing Industry where I was a dental nurse for five years. Growing up in poverty had made me see the importance of money and so decided to seek opportunity in the business World.

Upon obtaining Diploma courses in Advance Photography and Dressmaking course in early 1980, I set up a Wedding Gown and Photography Studio called “Spring Photo and Wedding Salon”, with a few friends. In those days, there were no digital camera or prints. Most wedding shots were taken at the Photo Studio set with studio lightings against the scenery images created on the poster or plain background.


Wedding Package

Wedding Photography films and prints were needed to touch up manually to give a better-looking effect of the final photographs. These days you can simply do it in Photoshop and any other software on the computer. At that time,

Wedding Packages were offered to the newly-wedded couples such as the hand bouquets, wedding car decorations, wedding gowns and suits outdoor photography, etc.

While business was good, people then were mainly poor, and there were many instances of people not returning with the photo samples they took from the Studio.

My dressmaking course had also helped me to start teaching Part-Time Fashion Designing at the YMCA of Singapore.  I was very working hard to make that money whenever I can.


In 1986, I sold off my shares of the Wedding and Photography Business to take up another level, when I started the Jewellery Manufacturing Business with my eldest brother, Mr Micheal Chan. Pieces of jewellery set with zirconium were manufactured for the Saudi Arabia Market. Business was booming at that time, and there were huge orders. To meet the demand, the factory in Shunde, China was set up seven years later. I was then put to be in charge of the running of the operation over in China.

Now as my health has taken a toll now after many years of working, I decided to return and seek treatments. And on the advice of the doctor, decided to retire a year ago.

While the Wedding Industry has changed with the technology, much of the fundamental values still exist today. The traditional value still holds strong. People now are willing to pay for such auspicious occasions. After all, this is supposed to be the Once-in-a-lifetime event.

So it is for this reason that I have a Wedding Website set up during this period. With the information based on my experience in the trade and knowledge that I gain over the years, I wish to be able to help you and make your wedding journey a smooth and grand one.


The Jewellery business has also evolved to making Wedding and Engagement Rings for Bride-to-be. It offers an Online Site www.Michealtrio.com with a variety range of Wedding bands designs to buy ready or custom-made wedding band.

Thanks and All The Best.


Sadie Chan