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After days and months of planning and preparing for the wedding, the honeymoon is like an escape for the bride and the groom. After the Marriage, the newly wedded couple needs to find a way of celebrating some days of their married life together. However, many couples are concerned about the price tag that comes with honeymoon vacations. There are several options available for affordable honeymoon destinations for newly wed.

Here is a list of 6 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Wed

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - Bali

Bali, Indonesia

The best spot to consider first would be a week trip to Bali in Indonesia. Bali offers incredible value for money for hotels and traveling within the island. It is known for its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. The calm and serene waters will provide the perfect environment to relax. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset at Kuta Beach. If your spouse is the adventure kind, then you can go parasailing or be snorkeling around Pemuteran.

The island is home to some popular religious sites such as Cliffside Uluwatu Temple and Besakih Temple. You can get your wedding blessed at the splendid temple. You will be able to enjoy the various traditional Balinese activities like massages, meditation, and yoga at low prices. The airfares to Indonesia are reasonable if you are living in South East Asia.

The peak time is during May, June, and September when the place has a favorable climatic condition.

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Affordable Honeymoon Destinations - Phuket

      Phuket Island, Thailand

Phuket is another famous island of my choices for Honey Destination.  Couples can get budget airlines tickets for Thailand. In Phuket Island, the options for budget plans are numerous.

The government is trying hard to promote tourism in this place. So you can easily find some budget honeymoon packages with a luxury resort, spas and seafood restaurants. The exotic beaches can give the right aura to your romantic days, relaxing in the sun-baked earth breathing in fresh air. Cruising and water sports can be some fun activities for the couple who are full of energy and vibrant.

A day at Phang Nga Bay by Canoe to view the limestone cliffs that emerges from the emerald-green waters. Traveling around Old Phuket Town will bring you to some Sino-Colonial mansions.  It was built during the tin boom during the last century. While Patong’s Bangla Road, the main town is filled with the colorful street of busy nightclub bars and discos.

Other places of interest are the Big Buddha, a marble statue, which stand 45 meters tall. Also, enjoy at the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea for some snorkeling.


   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Most people would not think of going on a honeymoon to Brazil. Brazil has great climate all through the year and has a good exchange rate. I would like to suggest Rio de Janeiro or the secluded islands off the coast of Brazil to spend some quality time together. It is away from the teeming crowds of the cities and tourist packed honeymoon destinations.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the most frequent tourist destinations. Moreover, it is a vibrant city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. It has a great, magnificent landscape and good infrastructure to cater the needs of visitors to the Country. Besides, you can find World class accommodation and plenty of local tours at an affordable fare.  Other things to do like enjoy your shopping trips in Rio De Janeiro, exploring museums and historical sights or enjoy the popular Rio nightlife.

With a small budget, you can stay in the jungle resort for a change. Alternatively, visit Prainha to see the surfing waves, hiking the trail of Tijuca and the shores of Ipanema Beach. Try the famous Statue of Christ Redeemer atop Mt. Corcovado or take the Cable car up to the Sugarloaf Mountain to view the bird-eye of the city.



Turkey is another one of the affordable honeymoon destinations to consider. It is the country packed with ancient monuments from a vast of conquerors throughout history. For anyone who is fascinated with history, this is a must place to go. Istanbul’s attraction, the Hagia Sophia is one of the most beautiful building in the world dated back to Byzantine period. Another famous spot is the Ephesus, a ruined city of the golden age of the Roman Empire. Don’t forget to try the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.  The experience is  fabulous as you view from above, the beautiful rock valleys with Cliff ridges and hill crests.

You may want to visit the natural pure travertine terraces of Pamukkale cascade. The beautiful snow white landscape is one of the most famous wonders from Turkey. Take the Yacht cruising on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy the gorgeous coastal views.

The colors of the streets are the first thought that strikes you when you put down Turkey in your honeymoon location plan list. The place is known for the culture, tradition, scenic beauty and of course the great foods. You can find some budget cave hotels which serve authentic Turkish food with the ambiance of the caves. You can take a tour of the historic land before settling down for some time away from all the hustle and bustle. Your bride would also like to buy some fancy Turkish porcelain, clothing, and decorations at the bazaar.



Hawaii is known as the most preferred for honeymoon locations. It is situated somewhere near the center of the north Pacific Ocean. When it comes to budget sites, Hawaiian beaches have several resorts that fixed it. There are many islands in Hawaii, Oahu, the most populous and home to Honolulu, the state capital. The Waikiki Beach is one of the most favorite for beach lovers. Couples can walk on the rainforests and go on the hiking trails nearby.

There are many beautiful and natural sights on the neighboring Islands. Examples are the Waimea Canyon on Kauai, Volcanoes National Parks on the Island of Hawaii. If you are traveling along the road to Hana on Maui, you will witness numerous waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

While comparing, you have to check the amenities and check if the price includes food. You can ideally book a sightseeing plan with the resort and pre-planning can give you several advantages of cost. Make sure you take full advantage of the time while you are in Hawaii to enjoy the place fully as there are so much to explore in the surrounding Islands.



Fall in love the Irish way and impress your spouse on your honeymoon in Ireland, an island in the North Atlantic. There are many low-lying mountains surrounded by the central plain land with few navigating rivers around the island. This breathtaking landscape of the country and the warmth friendly people with their traditional  Irish music and culture are the main attractions for honeymoon couples. There are some ancient castles, like the one dated back to the 12-century, Cahir Castle. Enjoy the Odyssey, staying in the castles and blending with history.

The Capital, Dublin, is the hometown to some famous writers like Oswar Wilde and Samyek Beckett. The scenic countryside and a stay in the cottage can make you feel like a real Irish.You can also plan a romantic escape into the farms in the Irish villages.

Ireland has some enchanting locations which are untouched by human intervention. From the prehistoric Neolithic necropolis of Bru Na Boinne to the fabulous ruins of Ireland’s Glendalough and Clonmacnoise, an early Christian site.  Other places of Interest also include Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin and Titanic museum in Cobh, a seaport in the South Republic of Ireland.

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  1. Hi Sadie…
    Great post for newlyweds to be!
    I have been to 4 out of 6 of the destinations and can certainly say you have recommended well!
    I’ve had so many friends in the past (and a few coming up) who can’t decide to where have their honeymoon!
    I will certainly make sure they know about your site!
    Well done..

    • Thanks, Steve.
      Appreciated your visiting and recommendation for friends to visit my site.
      There are, of course, many great places all over the world that honeymoon couples can visit.
      However, if they are working on a tight budget, these places are great for them.
      Regards, Sadie.

  2. Great site, Sadie!

    And such wonderful recommendations for newly weds, too. The pictures are beautiful. I bet whoever still does not know where to go, will be able to make a choice based on this info!

    Good job!


    • Dear Audrey,
      Thanks for visiting my site.I had visited most of these Places and they are all so beautiful.
      You have to be there to witness it.
      All the Best,
      Sadie Chan

  3. Hey Sadie,
    There are no coincidences! I’m getting married in a couple months and I have to say I’m glad I came across this. I can attest Rio is a good place to visit (my fiance is from there) but I had no idea that Bali would be a good place to go for a honeymoon as well.

    Which one would you say is a better spot: Bali or Rio?

    From Ryan.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Congratulations on getting married soon. Great to hear that your fiance is from Rio.

      You must be enjoying watching the current Rio 2016 Olympic Game.
      As for your Honeymoon both Rio and Bali are great places to go.

      Personally, I would pick Bali since Your Fiance is from Rio and may want to explore new places.
      The uniqueness of Balinese culture, beautiful beaches for surfing, diving and great resorts make the island worth going. Besides, Hotel and food are very affordable on the island.

      Here are the sites you may want to take a look before making your decision;

      Thanks, Sadie

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