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  1. Hi Sadie…
    Great post for newlyweds to be!
    I have been to 4 out of 6 of the destinations and can certainly say you have recommended well!
    I’ve had so many friends in the past (and a few coming up) who can’t decide to where have their honeymoon!
    I will certainly make sure they know about your site!
    Well done..

    • Thanks, Steve.
      Appreciated your visiting and recommendation for friends to visit my site.
      There are, of course, many great places all over the world that honeymoon couples can visit.
      However, if they are working on a tight budget, these places are great for them.
      Regards, Sadie.

  2. Great site, Sadie!

    And such wonderful recommendations for newly weds, too. The pictures are beautiful. I bet whoever still does not know where to go, will be able to make a choice based on this info!

    Good job!


    • Dear Audrey,
      Thanks for visiting my site.I had visited most of these Places and they are all so beautiful.
      You have to be there to witness it.
      All the Best,
      Sadie Chan

  3. Hey Sadie,
    There are no coincidences! I’m getting married in a couple months and I have to say I’m glad I came across this. I can attest Rio is a good place to visit (my fiance is from there) but I had no idea that Bali would be a good place to go for a honeymoon as well.

    Which one would you say is a better spot: Bali or Rio?

    From Ryan.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Congratulations on getting married soon. Great to hear that your fiance is from Rio.

      You must be enjoying watching the current Rio 2016 Olympic Game.
      As for your Honeymoon both Rio and Bali are great places to go.

      Personally, I would pick Bali since Your Fiance is from Rio and may want to explore new places.
      The uniqueness of Balinese culture, beautiful beaches for surfing, diving and great resorts make the island worth going. Besides, Hotel and food are very affordable on the island.

      Here are the sites you may want to take a look before making your decision;

      Thanks, Sadie

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